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5 Ways you can save thousands on your wedding!

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Fresh vs Faux

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I didn't plan on being a wedding coordinator

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I didn't plan on being a Wedding Coordinator!
I haved worked happily in the wedding & event industry for 15 years in various areas of profession. I've been a caterer, decorator, designer, florist and more. I have done every grunt job in between and even gone 8 years without a raise. But the satisfaction in seeing my hard work create cherished memories has kept me in this field for so many years. Watching the coordinator from afar coordinate all the vendors, family, friends and run the timeline, thinking to myself there is no way I am going to take on all that! Until one faithful day that convinced me that I am the perfect fit for this job. My mom and I were creating another beautiful wedding. All the tables were elegantly decorated, candles lit, ceremony set and flowers arranged just perfect. We were presenting the bride with her gorgeous bouquet and preparing for our departure. Then enters the brides sister. Her sister had volunteered to run the day as so many family members do. She barges into the quit room and exclaims in a stern voice how dissapointed she is that her sister is marrying into a family who can't even be punctual. Unaware of the fact that she has upset her soon to be married sister she continues to explain how the musician started to play the wedding march. Long story short, chaos ensued. The obviously frazzled bride began to panic and the sister stormed out of the room. My mom and I were just standing there, right in the middle of this obvious tense situation. I went into auto pilot. My mom calmed the bride, I informed the musician to continue with prelude music and I contacted the soon to be in laws to give them proper directions. I seriously interjected where I wasn't invited, I couldn't bare to see this disaster unfold anymore. Once we got the wedding on track and the refreshed bride down the aisle, I quickly came to the realization that my heart could not let this happen again. I fealt very bad for the sister who was thrusted into such an overwhelming responsibility and for the bride who was obviously disapointed. Ever since that faitful day of rescuing the wedding, I have worked tirelessly to do all I can to help prepare all my clients to ensure a smooth running wedding day. So now I have taken on the role as a wedding coordinator, the job I thought I would never do. It was fate.