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How to Create A Wedding Drink Station

One of our favorite wedding trends is when couples create fun drink stations. You can include thirst quenching lemonade, iced teas, flavored waters and punches. Besides being a super cute and creative idea, it is also a very practical one too.

A well designed and thought out non alcoholic drink station at your wedding can ease lines at the bar. It can also reduce your overall cost on alcohol.

Your wedding guests can add a little extra flavor to their drinks with delicious fruits and mints. Create a display of cute cups and pretty straws to make it even more fun.

To get your complete checklist on how you can create this fun and interactive drink station for your wedding, visit us on our Facebook page and save today' s photo list. Cheers and happy planning! Dana

Inspire us by sharing in the comments your favorite recipes for some fun non alcoholic drinks

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