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How to Reschedule Your Wedding

If you are like many engaged couples, you are contemplating if your summer 2020 wedding is going to take place or not. The thought of rescheduling all the details you have been working on for many months or years has probably got your head spinning. There is a little good news to this seemingly dark tunnel, vendors have been so accommodating and supportive. One recent Virtual Planning client of mine said she was pleasantly surprised by how well all her vendors worked together to make the reschedule happen! She stated she is even more excited now than ever to work with her vendors since they have all been so amazing. So let’s get you started on the right foot.

If you have a wedding planner, they are going to be so helpful in this process. But if you are your own planner, no worries we are going to break it down for you.

First, how far out should you reschedule? Answer these questions to help you narrow down when.

1. Finances – You may have taken a financial hit during the pandemic. If you are strapped for cash, pushing out a few extra months may be in order.

2. Travel – How many of guests, family and wedding party are traveling from out of town? Will travel restrictions be lifted and will they be willing to travel. If you have a good amount of guests traveling, buying some extra time by pushing your date out a little further may be needed.

3. Work – If you are working or will be returning to work soon, how likely will you be able to get adequate time off for a soon to be rescheduled wedding.

Now that we have determined if you only need a few months or you need to push to next year, it is time to follow these steps to get you started on this whole rescheduling thing. You got this!

1. Contact your venue and select a few dates that meet your needs. Be willing to be flexible. You are not the only couple rescheduling their wedding, you’ll be competing with newly engaged couples as well. Consider a Friday or Sunday.

2. Communicate with your vendors you have already booked 1-3 date options you and venue have come up with. You will have to work quick on this so that you do not loose a preferred date. I suggest emailing them and then follow up with a phone call. I have been able to do this process and settle on a date with the vendors in less than 2 days.

3. Check with parents and bridal party. You certainly want to make sure those most important to you can attend.

4. Contact your hotel and change your wedding room block if you have one.

5. Have your vendors update all your contracts to reflect the new wedding date and any other changes.

6. Update your wedding website if you have one. You will update accommodations and any important details.

7. You can now start communication with your guests via emails, phone calls, social media etc. after a final date is set. Arrange for a “change of plans” card to go in invites if already ordered or make the necessary changes before ordering. You may also want to send a new “Save/Change of date” card if you have pushed your wedding out more than 6 months.

Just keep in mind, we are all in this together. Us vendors want more than anything to be celebrating your wedding with you. We are all eager to help you in this process. If you are still feeling a little apprehensive about tackling this task alone, you are always welcome to hit us up for some help. We are happy to do a little leg work for you and help you pull off the rescheduling your dream wedding day!

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