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Fun things you can do from home to plan your wedding.

Whether if you're having a 2020 or 2021 wedding, you still feel the need to get some things in order even during the COVID-19 outbreak. The face of planning your wedding has changed for the time being, so we are here to suggest some ways you can still be productive and have fun while planning your dream wedding day. Let's face it, fun distractions are needed to fill time off from work and school. So here are some great ways you can still plan your dream wedding from the comfort of your home.

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1. Learn your first dance - YouTube is fantastic place to find video tutorials on many different genres of dance. Clear out your living room, turn up the music, grab your partner and have some fun!

2. Create a play list - Sit down with your finance, play some music and decide what songs you want for some essential details. ex - first dance, father-daughter, mother-son, cake ("hit me with your best shot" is a fun one) bouquet toss, last dance etc. You can reach out to your DJ/Band for a list of what they need. This is a great way to spend your time.

3. Create a vision board - Old school crafty style. You will need wedding magazines, glue or tape, scissors, ribbon, poster board or cardboard and any other fun materials you want to include. Or you may choose to create online. One of my favorite ways to create a one page printable board is with Canva

Some of the details you will want to include is font styles, colors, flowers, attire. Having a 1 page guide to your wedding style will help you in making decisions for all kinds of details without having to fumble through hundreds of pictures on your Pinterest page.

4. Work on DIY projects - many couples enjoy creating some of their own details. This is a great time to work on your handmade invites, chalk board signs, place cards, centerpieces and more.

5. Wedding Website - If you have not yet created one, this is a good time to do so or you can update the one you have. Here are some great things to include: a story of how you met, fun pictures of the both of you, your gift registry, a little something about each of your bridal party members, things to do locally etc. Make it light hearted and fun. Give your guests a chance to get to know your story and your bridal party.

Even though your planning of certain details may be on hold for the moment doesn't mean you can't plan other details to keep the excitement alive for the wedding to come!

We are currently scheduling Virtual Planning sessions to aide you while planning your wedding from home. See Virtual Planning under our services tab.

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