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Should You Reschedule Your Wedding?

Choosing to reschedule your wedding because of Covid – 19 is a big decision. Doing so without knowing what things to consider during the reschedule process can be very confusing. Having helped several clients reschedule their weddings and events, I have learned a great deal and thought I should share some tips with you.

Choosing a date convenient for you, your guests and vendors is the biggest question. If you choose a date too soon, you may have travel and guest count restrictions. If a good deal of your guests will be traveling from out of town, they may not make it to your wedding because of these travel restrictions. An important detail to remember in guest count restrictions, you need to count your vendors in that guest count as well. Your vendors (caterers, photographers, DJ, coordinator, bartenders, etc.) will take up approximately 10 – 15% of your total guest count. You also need to consider, weddings for 2021 are already on the books for many vendors, so choosing a Friday or Sunday wedding may be a good option when rescheduling for next year. I have found it has been easier for the venue and vendors to accommodate a date change when the couples are open to options.

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Taking these key points into consideration will help you decide when and if you need to reschedule.

1. Travel restrictions that will impact guests

2. Guest count restrictions

3. Vendor and Venue availability and policies

4. How many of your guests are considered part of the vulnerable population

5. What is the status of the marriage license availability in your area

After considering these key points above, you may decide to keep your original date or to fully reschedule. Some of my clients have chose the middle ground and opted for a simple backyard wedding on their original wedding date with under 10 people and rescheduled the reception to celebrate several months down the road. At the end of the day, it’s up to you and your fiancé and what is the best option for you.

If after reading this article you have decided to reschedule your wedding, be sure to watch for our next blog post due out on Thursday on what steps to take next when rescheduling your wedding. Our step by step guide will walk you through this process in the order you will need to do things. My hopes is that this guide will ease some stress and lay out a plan of action easy for you to follow.

No matter when your dream wedding is, it’s going to be amazing!

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